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AI? Sure! And secure!

AI is the topic of the future. In your company too?
Do you have the highest standards when it comes to the safety of your AI? You don't want to receive fantasies and hallucinations, but verified and comprehensible results? Are permanent monitoring and reliability important to you?

With LINK2AI.Monitor, you can monitor your LLM-based AI-Application effectively and protect your company reliably.

Our technology makes your LLM-based application secure. It recognises and blocks cyberattacks and manipulation attempts.

Our technology controls the desired system behaviour (alignment) and evaluates the cost-benefit ratio (performance) of your application.

AI needs protection

With the new possibilities of generative AI, new challenges also arise with regard to securing software solutions against targeted attacks and manipulation attempts. LLM-based systems do not always react predictably to normal user interactions either. They therefore need to be permanently monitored more than traditional IT applications.

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LINK2AI.Monitor is a monitoring and control tool for securing LLM-based applications and, unlike all previous products on the market, combines the aspects of security (for example preventing prompt injections), alignment (i.e. permanently ensuring the desired system behaviour), data protection and permanent cost-benefit analysis (performance) in a single resource-saving platform. 

Our Team

LINK2AI has leading-edge expertise in a wide range of AI technologies. We combine this with in-depth expertise in cybersecurity, governance and compliance as well as many years of experience in business practice. We have been successfully developing business solutions for over 20 years. Our fusion of the latest AI trends with existing data, processes and software applications gives you a strong competitive advantage.


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