With our technology, you can monitor your AI effectively and protect your company reliably.

At the heart of LINK2AI.Monitor are various analysis modules that are configured to form an analysis route. Both the prompts and the responses of the LLMs are analyzed in real time via the interface to LINK2AI.Monitor and corresponding actions are triggered. The analysis results are saved for long-term monitoring.

In addition to immediate protection of the application in the event of active manipulation attempts and real-time monitoring of the alignment, LINK2AI.Monitor provides a dashboard that our customers can use to evaluate and optimize system usage, system behavior and the cost trend of using LLM services over any period of time.
LINK2AI.Monitor runs independently of the actual software and is integrated into the application's communication with the LLMs used via easy-to-use interfaces.

Image of an old control panel

Application Examples

Quality monitoring with an AI sales consultant
Process automation with AI - protection against manipulation