Our Team

Jörg Kleinz portrait

Jörg Kleinz

Finance, Operations, Consulting

Jörg was a researcher at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, co-founder and CTO of an AI company specializing in the implementation of knowledge graph solutions in industrial companies and public authorities. He has many years of experience in the development of software products and the successful implementation of software projects.

Natalie Landvatter

Sales, Marketing, Communication

Natalie is a sociologist, systemic therapist and consultant (Systemic Society), was a PR officer for a large business association, non-fiction author, ran a therapy and coaching practice and led a systemic quality circle.

Natalie Landvatter portrait
Klaus Reichenberger portrait

Klaus Reichenberger

Business Development, Product Management, Consulting

Klaus has been making AI controllable for more than 20 years. From research at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft to his own software company - always with a lot of practical experience.

Jesper Schlegel

Development, Cybersecurity Expert, Consulting

Jesper studied computer science and IT security at the TU Darmstadt. He combines the latest research at Fraunhofer SIT with many years of professional experience in the development of AI applications for companies.

Jesper Schlegel portrait
Marian Thull portrait

Marian Thull

Development, Machine Learning Expert, Consulting

Marian studied computer science in Stuttgart and Darmstadt with a focus on ML and NLP. His professional experience includes the development and evaluation of various ML systems in the automotive industry, knowledge management and the healthcare sector.